Sunday, April 25, 2010

PROM 2010


Say Cheese!
Princess Jade!

Look at their fists...a little too close for friends!

Jr. Prom...oh, I remember mine well and it is strange that Jade attended her's last night.

Her date was a friend of two years, Cameron. Cam asked Jade after his "girlfriend" said she couldn't go. Well, that became a little bit of drama at the dance when Cameron spotted his girlfriend across the dance floor with another date!( umm...did she really think he wouldn't know? I guess when you are 16 years old you don't think things ALL the way through) Jade was a good sport as Cameron left her with a group of his friends to question and solve his personal problem. Jade felt it worked out well because one of Cameron's friends, Jace, asked her to dance after he was ditched by his date and she is now thinking Jace is pretty cute!

This brought back a flood of memories...I too was ditched by my date at Jr. prom. My date had gone out with pretty much every girl in our high school so when he went missing I was not totally surprised. Life went on, I found some friends and went on to enjoy my prom. I loved my dress that year!

Being ditched is not such a bad thing. In the end you learn that you have to adapt to your situation and move forward...Life gives you many opprotunities to learn to move on , move forward and make the best of it. I am glad Jade is learning this valuable lesson now.

Jade you are a doll and I love that when I asked you how the dance was you said
"It was soooo FUN!". Your first response was so positive before the details of the night came. Way to look at things. Jade made Cam brownies today and wrote him a thank you note, holding no grudge and continuing to be friends with him.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Snow Canyon

During spring break we had a chance to get away to southern Utah. We hiked in Snow Canyon and enjoyed the warm weather. All of the kids were quite adventurous in their climbing...even Tatum insisted on big climbs. We let him go ( keeping very close by) and he kept up with everyone. We hiked a round trip of over six miles and not a complaint out anyone.
Thanks to the generosity of our friends we stayed in a large three bedroom condo while away. Wow! that beats a hotel room. It was so nice to have a kitchen to prepare some of our meals and lots of room to sit and visit. My parents had planned to join us for the weekend but sadly had to change plans when grandpa was admitted to the hospital diagnosed with colon cancer.

Five For Fighting Concert I was a bit star struck! DeLane said I did not play it "cool" as I put my arms around John Ondrasik and smiled for this picture. is a blurry picture but it's MINE. Mark had the camera on the wrong setting and as you know...there is not time for a full photo shoot when meeting famous people.

Our whole family fully enjoyed this concert at Tuacahn. John Ondrasik is an amazing song writer, vocalist, pianist - TRUE MUSICIAN
Tatum fell asleep 1/2 way through...not because it was boring, only because it was an hour past bedtime.Up until he fell asleep he was enjoying the music with the rest of us.

Jade, Chase and DeLane got their
"Five For Fighting" hoodies signed by the entire band. Our kids hooked us up to meet John and the the end of the concert John commented on how many kids were in the audience. He said " After the concert I would love to meet all the kids who have the coolest parents for bringing them to the concert tonight." ( or something like that ). Fun memories...good times. I am glad our kids enjoyed going with us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Turning 38 is not too bad when a fun card like this one arrives in the mail. This came from my friend Jami. We attended Loma Linda U together from 1994 -1996 . Last Year Jami, Becky and I had a little reunion in California. Becky and I flew out of SLC together landing in Ontario where our convertible awaited us. We stayed three days at Jami's house and attended the LLU dental hygiene convention/luncheon together. It was a fun reunion. I am looking forward to 50 years from now. If this card holds true we will be pretty hot hygienists. I claim the lepard print dress. I love my friends!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Joy to Everyone

Joy to Everyone

Click on this hear amazing lyrics and video. Enjoy!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today I...

Has anyone ever asked you "What did you do today?"
Maybe an unassuming husband as he arrives home from a busy day at work. Some days it may look like I have NOT done much...BUT most days I do more than I can recall! Like days are jam packed and at the end of the day I still have many items not checked off my list. As I fall into bed those undone items become the top tomorrow's list.

Just for fun...TODAY I woke up at 6am and went to the gym. I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and did 30 min. of resistance training. The holiday treats this season have caught up with me and I regret every bite I have taken.
I got home at 8am, showered and got the baby bathed and ready. Inbetween getting ready and bathing Tatum I am sure I hollered at the other children to hurry up, clean their rooms and brush their teeth!

I met my dear friend, Stacey and her three children at McD at 11am for lunch and our Christmas party. McD works well because the little ones can play in the germ infested playland and we can visit.

We ate lunch and exchanged gifts. By 12:30 we were ready to go to the mall.

On the way to the mall I quickly stopped at Seagull Book for one Christmas item I still needed.

Snow was falling and the roads were becoming very slick as we traveled to see Santa. We arrived at just the right line for Santa. A line of about 15 quickly formed after our picture was taken...whew! lucky day!

Jade and DeLane were so excited as usual (ha ! ha! look at the thrilled expression on Jade's face) and this is the year Chase got the "news" about Santa. Tatum was so excited, held Santa's hand and asked him for "a boat truck trailer and that's all". We shopped a bit at the mall for last minute items and arrived home at 2:20pm

I baked and baked for what felt like 24 hours...making Pam's famous sugar cookies, drizzled with white chocolate and pearl candies. Tatum helped ( make a huge mess).

I made the easiest yummiest "turtle" candies. Place a rolo on pretzel, melt in 200 degree oven, smash a pecan or almond in the center. Everyone is pretty impressed with these tasty treats!

I finished baking treats for all my neighbors around 5:30pm and quickly bundled up in my warmest winter clothes to sit on a trailer in the freezing cold and sing Christmas Carols with the youth.
Sitting by Jade and my friend Cyndi was the best part of caroling. I finished caroling by 7:30pm took Jade and DeLane home and left for MORE shopping. I went to Kmart and Tai Pan. Home by feet hurt and I think they might be swelling. I sat down to put this post together, tucked everyone into bed, picked up toys in the hall as I walked to my room and jumped in bed at 10:30...I am sure I was asleep by 10:35! and that is what I did TODAY!